Tuna, Celery and Egg Spiralized Pasta Salad – while it was quick and looks nice, it was just an ok recipe. Nice crunchiness but lacking flavor. I could imagine it to be tastier with salmon, some dill, maybe even some cayenne or chilli powder. On to the next adventure, the tuna burger. Ahhh and I will need some buns with those. Its another ProteinPow recipe. It seems the recipes are disappearing from her site so I need to pull them into Evernote as soon as possible.

Got all my stuff ready and packed for the shoot tomorrow. Weather is pretty crappy so no outdoor shots. Nails done, hair done, makeup kit ready. Bed time 9pm to get plenty of sleep! An Epsom salt bath would have been nice but do to the fake tan, will need to skip that.

Volunteered this morning at the Hunger Task Force and since they did not have a lot of work yet (as the season is just beginning), I was doing some data entry for their senior program. This distribution center received food from the USDA and donations and then distributes those to food banks. But they also have a senior program that provides over 9000 seniors with a monthly food box to supplement their grocery needs.

20131116-180245.jpg 20131116-180213.jpg 20131116-180157.jpg

20131116-180126.jpg 20131116-180112.jpg 20131116-180736.jpg

Today’s meals:

20131116-180257.jpg 20131116-180457.jpg 20131116-180527.jpg 20131116-180518.jpg

M1: 2 eggs, kale, radishes
M2: Tuna, celery, egg, zucchini and cucumber salad
M4: Carrot and apple juice
M5: Protein ice cream with mini choc chips

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