The shoot is done. Hurrayy! We almost had to cancel it due to the severe tornado warnings and very heavy downpours, but fortunately we made it safely to the gym and found a sky-walk with great lighting without being in the pouring rain for too long. I will schedule another shoot for spring/summer to get great outdoorsy pics and by that time I will have even lost another 20 or 30 pounds. I think there will be some nice ones in the mix. Milestone accomplished!

Just doing some cooking for the week. OMG, I am just trying the the sweet potato protein bars. That could be another winner, as I could shave off some calories in comparison to the PNB bars.

 20131117-191508.jpg 20131117-191042.jpg 20131117-195857.jpg 20131117-195912.jpg

1 large cooked sweet potato
½ cup of vanilla pea (rice or casein) protein powder
1 tbsp of date (or agave or honey) syrup
1 tbsp of coconut flour
2 tbsp  of milk or coconut milk

½ bar of 90% dark chocolate for dippingIn a bowl, blend all the ingredients together. Shape the mix into little bars or balls and put aside. Melt your chocolate either in a water bath  (i.e. a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water) or in a small non-metal bowl, using low power, in the microwave. Once melted, dip your bars in the chocolate until they’re fully coated. Place them on a cookie sheet lined with wax or parchment paper, or into a large plastic or freezer-safe glass container. Transfer them to the freezer for an hour, or the fridge overnight, and voilá!

I am not looking forward to this new week since I am on-call again.

Tonight I will go for that Epsom salt bath. That spray tan needs to go. My skin did not like it and I developed a rash. Oh well live and learn.

20131117-191002.jpg 20131117-191014.jpg 20131117-191022.jpg 20131117-191030.jpg 20131117-191134.jpg

Carrot juice, tuna salad, Culver’s pumpkin mixer (special treat), pork with apple and radishes. A picture after the pictures. I went back to the Chanel counter and had them put my makeup on. Worked out great and I learned a little more. That woman who put my makeup on was 70 years old and did not look a bit like it. Wow that was pretty cool.

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