I am pretty excited, as we wrap this year with LE we are asked to tell our story. Since I am so not a writer I will do a photo essay. And you bet I have plenty of those pictures to choose from. That will be fun!

Some ramblings:
I remember I stayed home that morning of January 8th, to wait for the email to be able to pre-register for the LE program. It came in at 9:33am and I signed up as fast as I could. I didn’t wanted to miss that chance. I entered LE with 261 pounds. It was time to change that for good.

Lean Eating is so much more then teaching you about how to eat, it helps you to find what works best for you. It isn’t based on a diet. You get to experiment on what will work. In my case I do much better without any grains, but not everyone had to go this far. I realized that my life was centered around work and it had become pretty boring, so I put some fun back into it. I was able to experiment with foods and new recipes and still have fun and I found recipes that are better for me. I now fit into a size 14 from a 18/20W and dont have to go to the big size department any longer, can wear woman’s size sports clothing, have tons of energy, can bend down to tie my shoes and can run if I want to.

I am back to concentrating to eat slow and mindful, smaller bites and chewing things before I swallow will help to finding my 80% point. Definitely a work in progress!

What I ate today:

20131118-214356.jpg 20131118-214407.jpg 20131118-214417.jpg 20131118-214427.jpg

And OMG the sweet potato protein thingies are to die for.


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