The pics will take another week or so to process.

My work-related stress level is coming down and I am trying hard to de-stress whenever I can. Had a couple of not so great meals before the weekend, but things are back to normal now.

Food prep for this week. Fortunately its a short one as we are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday. I made spaghetti squash + egg for breakfasts and Dijon red cabbage and chicken strips for lunches. I love the quickness of the Sunday prep.


The official shots are in. My pics for this part are totally messed up as the spray tan was just awful. Live and learn. I still have a little ways to go but are thrilled with the current progress. Though Saturday I had my doubts that I could have done better if I would have stayed focused on LE instead of doing the SNAP food challenge. Realizing I am in it for life so a couple of weeks delay dont make that much of a difference. I am thinking about next steps and how I can make this next phase even more awesome.

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