I finished my LE journey a month early as I did not wanted to participate in the official picture circus. Our team FB page is all about that at the moment and I feel it takes away from the real continuing journey. This is just the beginning.  I am in the process of realigning my goals for the new year and feel good about the One-on-One coaching.  I decided to continue my measurements on Saturdays as it is a routine by now. To another awesome year of fun and getting rid of those last 40 to 50 pounds the right way, learning more about optimum nutrition and how to tune into my true needs, including self-compassion. I got the new outfit at Athleta for my photo shoot but then did not use it. So now it is my starting point and will shrink with me in the new year.


I was able to stretch my lunchtime to 1:00pm that is 5 hours in-between meals. I love that. I tried out a new cabbage recipe (Beef & Cabbage Noodles with Almond Butter Chili Sauce) and its quite yummy. I would have loved a second helping. Though the picture of the  finished product doesn’t look that good, but it tasted awesome.

20131130-162848.jpg 20131130-162902.jpg

I love using my spiralizer, but my cabbage was way to big for it. here is how to make cabbage noodles:

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