Sundays remains my self-care day.  I usually go to church in the morning, do my Sunday food prep and then go for a nice Epsom salt bath. Lights need to be off by 9:30pm to get enough sleep for a brand-new week. I had a couple of days of rest from exercising but now I am dying to get back to my usual routine. I may even want to mix it up a little. Maybe a kettlebell class, or even some boxing, then there is swimming, spinning, rowing, jump roping, bosu burpees, TRX, in addition to my usual T25 and the LE weight workouts.

Tried a new pizza and liked it. But if you are a pizza lover that might not be for you. This one is very dense and chewy, perfect to feel satisfied after 1/2 a pizza. And I made this one in the frying pan.  Stovetop Pizza Crust

20131201-210412.jpg 20131201-210438.jpg

Had a little too much food today, the yogurt really wasn’t necessary, but I felt like I could not wait until the pizza was done.

20131201-210318.jpg 20131201-210328.jpg 20131201-210340.jpg 20131201-210348.jpg

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