Change is hard, even if it is for the better

Change can be tough, and its always a little sad to leave the well-known behind even if it is for the better. But then only change will ensure growth and progression. I had one of those moments this morning while doing my workout. It is exciting and a little freaky at the same time to move into a new direction.

My goal for the next 5 weeks is to maintain my weight. Working on making smarter choices at the get-togethers that I need to attend and skipping the ones that are optional, like the one at work.

I am going for an AIRobics trampoline class tomorrow evening. I really want to learn how to do air flips and I have the sneaky suspicion that those could be addicting. I also signed up for the 2014 Warrior Dash Wisconsin. Oh, that will be some muddy fun again (pic on left from this year). This morning at the gym, peace and quiet (right pic).

warrior dash 2013 (12) 20131202-194608.jpg

Today’s meals:

20131202-194616.jpg 20131202-194623.jpg 20131202-194632.jpg 20131202-194638.jpg

I am switching up my breakfasts. This is my first “non-breakfast” meal. I think its more a mental thing then anything else. Ha and those mini sweet potato protein bars snug in again. And that pizza was so good. Dinner was a whey protein shake.

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