A Snowy Sunday

Yup, we got some snow and I got my workout in. Our gym has been closed for the last 3 days due to no power in the building.I just hope it will be open tomorrow morning. But then if not I am very lucky and I actually have a full gym at work. So no excuses.

20131208-211331.jpg 20130415-193141.jpg 20130415-193153.jpg

I did some meal prep: Veggies, beluga lentils and chicken links for breakfast and pork tenderloin with apple and cranberries and kohlrabi veggies for lunch. I also needed to make another batch of my favorite sweet potato protein bars. I am in the process to decrease the size of the bars (by using the smallest size of molds) and cut out some carbs (making them with 85% dark chocolate).

20131208-211319.jpg 20131208-211308.jpg 20131208-212907.jpg

Ok, I fell into the German treats that I bought for a Christmas party which due to the snow did not work out for me. Since I did not have any of those treats in a couple of years I did some sampling. Well I had quite a bit before I gave it away to some of my neighbors. Dang. No more conventional sweet treats in my house. And no more cake and cookie baking for others. It always gets me. If I need to bring something it will be something healthy from now on. I will need to find some great recipes, like fruit skewers with dark chocolate drizzles. Or this one: Layer mini marshmallow, strawberry, banana slice, and a grape on a small stick and you get Grinch Kabobs!  dip the banana slices in pineapple juice or fruit fresh, and the citrus will help slow down the browning.


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