Time to chill

Could I have lost more in this past year? Maybe. But I feel it was just the right amount. A new lifestyle takes time and I really wanted to embrace and enjoy the process. And that is what I did!

Final stats for 2013:
Weight: 213 (-49) pounds
Measurements: 236 (-45) inches
Bodyfat: 34% (-12%)

After the photo shoot I was burned out and struggled and I felt like I could gain lots of pounds back in a snap while losing control. Its so much faster to put them on then to take them off. Everyone else was still in photo shoot land and I had already hit a down and the lessons didn’t help at that point. I knew I needed more help and felt I could greatly benefit from one-on-one coaching and I knew LE does not have a LE 2. Also I did not wanted to go through the holidays without a structure and a coach. I am already in week 3 with my new program and love it. I feel like my new habits will take me to the next level. I am currently enjoying the only eat when you are hungry habit and I am slowly starting to dig it. Though sometimes I still feel like I need to eat dinner even if I am not hungry so I have the strength for my workout the next morning. But my workouts are usually fine. And if it wouldn’t its not the end of the world, then I just slow down a little.

I signed already up for another Warrior Dash for fun and playing with the thought of doing my 5th Triathlon. But since I dont want to stall weight-loss I will just wait and see.

It feels good to have a couple of days of vacation just to chill, catch up on sleep, and make some plans for 2014. I am working on making workout plans for 2014 and compiling a list of some new recipes I want to try out. I tried a new pancake recipe but it needs a little more tweaking as it is a little dry for my taste, maybe some grated apple or some pumpkin puree. Otherwise the flavor is very nice, I like the fluffiness, it is filling and has great ingredients. And I finally made some zucchini spaghetti for lunch. I missed those. Its just a nice light meal.

20131213-183111.jpg 20131213-183122.jpg 20131213-183130.jpg

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