The problem with those Holiday Parties

Georgie just posted a great article. I thought I will post it here as there may be others struggling with that. I sure did. Earlier in the week I had fallen into some German cookies and sleeves of crackers with cheese and salami. The weird thing is I dont really care much for cookies or crackers under normal circumstances, still I had a boat load. Two things Georgie reminded me of making sure I get enough sleep and ask myself why am I eating, which helped me to get things back on track. And I am happy to report there was no damage done on the scale and I feel already so much better again. Sugar just drags me down, big time!

Mindful Eating at Holiday Gatherings

ProteinPow has a new website, so it will make it a lot easier to find some good stuff. Oh and she made some Protein Stollen. Yum!


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