Peach Clafoutis and Muffin Tops

My goal is to be consistent with 3 meals. There is only one problem with that, that it makes trying new recipes harder and there is less space for treats. Or maybe its a good thing, less time to spend on preparing and cooking, less calories, less shopping and reduced cost or better being able to go for the best quality.

I missed my workout today, but shoveled snow tonight for an hour so it all balanced out.

Here are my meals for today:

20131216-214230.jpg 20131216-214237.jpg 20131216-214244.jpg

M1: Egg scramble with kale and 1/2 apple
M2: Cucumber salad with Georgie’s stovetop pizza
M3: Chocolate Casein Protein Ice Cream

In case you need a last minute Christmas present.

muffin tops

So I have a big protein ice cream for dinner every night. Its big and its my dinner! I love it because I get everything I need and its a treat at the same time and have done this for almost a year. And yesterday I was cold and did not feel like ice cream, so I had zucchini spaghetti with edamame and Peach Clafoutis for dessert. The only problem was I ate the whole darn thing of Peach Clafoutis.

Yesterdays meals:

One thought on “Peach Clafoutis and Muffin Tops

  1. I find there’s also one AWESOME thing about eating three meals without snacking: they get to be big and filling! No more mini meals, wishing I could eat a full plate. I can! If there’s JUST three meals, they can be a good size and still fit within my calorie needs. 🙂 Booyah!

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