Sriracha? What is that?

Today my Chiropractor marveled how well I am doing with 1. having lost all that weight and 2. how consistency in my workouts has balanced out my body so there wasn’t much to adjust after 6 months during my maintenance checkup. Got to love that.

My shopping is changing, less but higher quality foods. (new vs old)

IMG_5402 IMG_2016

I wonder whats so special about it, Alton Brown? Just in case I got some before its gone and will try tomorrow.


I am starting to experiment with the couponing and most of it will go to charities. Saved over 50%, pretty darn cool.


Oh and today’s foods:

20131217-200710.jpg 20131217-200751.jpg 20131217-200810.jpg

M1: 2 eggs, tomato and red potatoes with peppers and onions
M2: Stove-top pizza and a salad
M3: Protein shake and a Cherry Clafoutis.

I tried two new techniques and one is just so-so. Eggs in cookie cutters to keep a certain shape. They look cute afterwards but needed help getting out of that cookie cutter. I used olive oil, maybe a cooking spray next time. I really wanted it for pancakes. I followed Georgie’s advise and left the other portions of the Cherry Clafoutis unbaked to avoid having too many helpings. And it worked!

20131217-200727.jpg 20131217-200822.jpg


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