It started with DietBet

Yes, I love when the scale is moving in the right direction, I am down to 211 pounds. Even better is with all the holiday feasts going on. I am not just able to maintain but to keep loosing.

The first picture was from 12/19/12 when I started  the DietBet (official weigh-in) challenge with the pass-code for that time last year. The second one was taken this morning. That means that within a year I lost 58 pounds. Pretty awesome and it did not feel like a diet, nor was I ever deprived.

IMG_1267 20131219-191609.jpg

With my new coaching program and awesome coach Georgie well on the way, it looks like I will need some kind of exercise challenge to keep that momentum going. I have switched already to T25 Beta, which is pretty tough on the cardio front for 2 days a week and thinking to join the Gold’s Gym Challenge to keep me on my toes. I am sooooo excited for 2014 to continue some awesome things.


I did pretty well with my foods and only having 3 meals. I can feel getting into fat burning mode again, YES!


M1: Protein Pancakes with cherries and a helping of veggies
M2: Salad with burger (contains some Sriracha!) and a Cherry Clafoutis
M3: Vanilla Casein Protein Ice Cream with sprinkles of pomegranate

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