You just can’t outrun a bad diet

This morning I had a great trainer workout. He had me standing on one of those wobbly thingies (Step 360) and lifting some 50 pound weight bar.

I discovered that there is now a 3rd squat rack on the second floor of the gym. Great to know when the general area becomes to crowded with the January 1st just being around the corner. Fortunately that influx doesn’t last too long 6 weeks maybe.

Somebody posted on FB that she was running today 10 km aka 6 miles and the treadmill showed that she burned about 600 calories during that hour. Made me wonder how many folks run to try to burn off their poor food choices.


I was planning for what items I wanted to bring for a party. And didn’t I pick out a white rolls recipes that required a bread maker. My first thought was dang it I sold my bread maker and now I cant make them, but then on second thought why would I want to make rolls? I am gluten-intolerant! What better opportunity to bring something I will enjoy and not feel crappy afterwards. Duhhhh.

I had a little to much snacking going on today. I had some pepper jelly, cream cheese and crackers (no pic) earlier and some mini chocolate bars later. And dang it, I totally forgot to ask myself why I was eating. Then I could have prevented at least those mini chocolates.  Just skipping dinner, wasn’t too hungry after I had the second part of my lunch around 4pm.



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