A No Rest Weekend

I love going to Trader Joes and shopped for plenty of greens for salads, plus some breakfast and baking items.


The day after the storm is so pretty! It took me several hours yesterday to clear around the house and the 5 car parking lot for my tenants.

20131223-192316.jpg 20131223-192332.jpg 20131223-192310.jpg

I worked too many hours over the weekend. I had to go into work around 2pm Saturday afternoon and did not leave work until 12am and had to be back online by 9am Sunday morning.  A job that was suppose to take 3 hours turned into 13. Between the snow shoveling and the work there was almost zero rest which resulted in today being a not so great food day.

The Creamy Chile-Lime Chicken recipe (in picture below with the poblano pepper on salad greens) is fantastic. I shared some with one of my co-workers and even he raved about it.


Missing in today’s picture are a sweet potato protein bar, some pretzels and crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly. It sure was a mindless eating day.  Glad I am off tomorrow, which will balance things out again. I need some rest and want to find some time to curl up with a book (well iPad). Also tomorrow I am expecting Georgie’s new co-authored cookbook to be delivered.

I joined another meetup group called Friends of Paleo and looking forward what this group has to offer. I am not a strict Paleo follower and I dont believe in a diet per se, but I like lots of those recipes and at least at those get-togethers nobody should bring too much crap or fake stuff, just real wholesome foods, at least that is what I hope for.

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