Random Pics

I am thinking of doing an IronGirl Triathlon on August 10th, 2014. January til March will be the Gold’s Challenge with focus on weight-loss and muscle gain and then I can shift over to the tria training. A friend of mine offered to be my running buddy. Running is by far my least favorite discipline. This will be my 5th triathlon and very likely will I be in better form then all the others.

iron girl

Some Pictures on odd things, whole fish and floating fruits, a reminder of when I went to Russia, those tomatoes, peaches, etc floating in big jars. Fish eggs aka caviar.

20131226-072506.jpg 20131226-072519.jpg 20131226-072527.jpg

I remember the Nicolausie from my childhood. Icicles over the kitchen window and I am going to try out the LL Protein Powders.

20131226-072537.jpg 20131226-072543.jpg 20131226-072634.jpg

I made some pepper jelly and took some great ham rolls to a party. No more sweets!

20131226-072617.jpg 20131226-072626.jpg 20131226-072650.jpg


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