Just a few more days

I found this on FB. So true.

Exercise should not be done as a punishment for what you have consumed. Doing extra cardio in an attempt to offset a dietary deviation represents a dysfunctional relationship with both food and exercise. If you enjoyed a couple off-plan meals over the last few days, don’t sweat it. Just get back on plan and move forward. This is a lifestyle not a diet. – Coach Mark

At 1pm I went for my weekly trainer workout usually on Wednesdays. 30 minutes of pushing a milk crate aka sled with 100 pounds or so loaded around and burpees in-between. I sure was done afterwards. Then at 2:30 I had an awesome coaching call with Georgie. We talked about my concerns with the triathlon training and the increased cardio possibly halting the weight loss. We came up with a great strategy. I will start incorporating swimming starting next week, as I am going to work to switch from breast stroke to the crawl. In March when the roads start to get dry again will bike from and to work and take an occasional spinning class. And then in May I will start running.

The last two weeks weren’t great in regards to food and healthy meals due to the high work stress and lack of sleep. Two more days and I will be done with on-call and then I should be able to get things back in order and on track. It just doesn’t feel good. Sleeves of crackers, Cheerios and mini chocolates got somehow in the way.

This picture below symbolizes the excitement just before the start of the race. When I see this picture I can feel the tension, the excitement just waiting for the start signal to begin the race.


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