Sharpening my brain with Lumosity

Recently I noticed that I forget things once in a while, or I would be getting some more challenging words out slower than usual. Heck I would even leave my shopping list at home on occasion. I attributed to the fact that English wasn’t my primary language, stress, over-worked brain or maybe its just when we are getting older that would be normal. I stumbled over Lumosity as a free iPad app. I really hate playing computer games, but those are really fun. And its only 5 to 10 minutes a day to train the brain. In addition I want to get back to learning Spanish, something I abandoned about 2 years ago.

Holy cow I slept almost 9 hours today. It felt really great. I love the new Leaner Living protein powders. They just taste like ice cream. Makes it easier to cut out some calories. I tried a new microwave chocolate protein cake and that worked pretty well and fast.

20131229-202713.jpg 20131229-202725.jpg 20131229-202739.jpg 20131229-202749.jpg


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