It’s cold outside

5 hours of sleep, what the heck. The roof was making extremely loud popping noises that I woke up multiple times during the night thinking something bursted or broke. Talking to my co-workers was good as they had the same experiences. The extreme cold is just working on the wood. We had -5 degrees Fahrenheit about -20 degrees Celsius overnight. I was wearing my snowboarding gear to walk the 7 blocks from the parking to my gym his morning.

I started to make a list of some if the things I could do when I get stressed/bored/restless:

01. Call a friend.
02. Go on a walk/bike ride.
03. Go for a workout at the gym.
04. Make a cup of coffee or tea.
05. Take the camera and snap some pictures.
06. Find a craft project to do.
07. Draw or doodle.
08. Play some mind games on Lumosity.
09. Email a friend.
10. Find more beautiful things on Pinterest.
11. Read a couple of pages in a book on the iPad.
12. Listen to music on Pandora.
13. Play with the kitties.
14. Jump on the trampoline or go to the trampoline park.
15. Speed clean an area in the house.
16. Organize and tags some pictures or documents.
17. Plan some activities for a couple months down the road (Meetup).
18. Take a nap if possible.
19. Watch a movie on Netflix or at the cinema.
20. Just breath deeply.

Now its on to an Epsom salt bath and some relaxed reading.

Tomorrow its spinning or swimming at 9:30/10am and after that my trainer workout. A sauna visit would greatly contribute to a relaxed day afterwards.

I am not looking forward to a crowded gym over the next couple of week. I may want to change my schedule slightly. All those folks with the big resolutions and then they usually cant make it past 6 weeks.

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