Baking cookies with boys

And the new year is finally here! OK, there was a 2 pound damage over the holidays, but that’s easily fixable.

I had some fun with two little visitors and taught them how to make and decorate sugar cookies. That was so much fun. It was pretty cool to see the differences on how boys go about to make and decorate cookies. There was a lot more science involved and they loved figuring out how to mix up those colors.

20140101-175930.jpg 20140101-175845.jpg 20140101-175854.jpg

I did a little 5 minute craft project which was inspired by FB. We often forget all the little moments we experienced joy. This jar will hold all those precious moments for 2014. I even made a little pocket to hold some pieces of paper.

20140101-184415.jpg 20140101-184426.jpg

Was a busy day, looks like a little more green would be great with the meals.

20140101-175800.jpg 20140101-175809.jpg 20140101-175818.jpg

M1: pancakes with cherries and Greek yogurt
M2: zucchini cakes with bacon-wrapped chicken strips
M3: protein ice cream

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