A crowded gym

Sightly annoyed by all the newbies in the gym the last couple of days already I saw a great reminder today on FB. That fits perfectly with Kindness, the word that I picked to encompass my focus for 2014 (thanks to Nancy).  While I am usually kind, I can also be impatient. Here to a New Year of Kindness and Giving which ultimately will lead to Joy.

If you’re getting back to the gym today and there are new faces everywhere taking over all of your preferred exercise equipment, show them some grace. Offer a smile.  Or even a helping hand.  Make them feel welcome.  Remember that we all started somewhere.

If you’re anything like me, your first ever gym experience included wandering nervously into a room full of people that were more fit than you and thinking that everyone was staring at you as you tried to figure out what to do. It is a terrible feeling…and one that might deter many from coming back. How many people do you know that feel that they “need to get in shape before starting at the gym” because they’re so intimidated by the experience?

While most might be misguided, the new people who are there today and over the next couple of weeks have decided to positively change their lives. Many will give up. And, to me, that is sad because if they were properly welcomed and guided by people like us I think many of them might have stayed and succeeded. If nothing else, expect things to be busier than usual and try to offer a positive experience to those who are new. Have a little patience and try to remind yourself that you were a newbie once too.

– Coach Mark

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