A dead battery

My car wasn’t happy this morning due to the cold. AAA estimated a 3 hour waiting time for my jump start in the morning, so I decided to take the bus to work.

AAA showed up around 7:40pm and gave me a jump start to go over to AutoZone. Got a new awesome battery and are ready to roll again. Not just a battery, a $200 high performance battery. After talking to my boss about what kind of battery I should get, he did some race car driving in the past, he suggested an Optima battery for its longevity, performance and made by Johnson Controls headquartered here in Milwaukee.

OPTIMA® Batteries represent the ultimate in performance and quality. With patented Spiralcell AGM Technology and unique six-pack design, OPTIMA® batteries offer advanced performance for strong, clean power that outperforms conventional batteries. In starting and deep-cycle applications, OPTIMA® provides longer life and withstands the extremes of car & truck enthusiast, fishing, off-road trucking and more. Battery technology continues to improve and it wasn’t until the Spiralcell sealed battery was developed that technology truly took a large step forward. Originally developed to address common performance and safety issues with traditional batteries in critical heavy duty applications, the sealed “six pack” design quickly found success in mission critical applications like the US military. A few of these original batteries found their way into high performance professional race cars and high powered car audio systems with tremendous success.

Everything you never wanted to know about car batteries! Sorry, I just got excited about this snazzy little battery. Now my Subaru Outback is equipped for some great adventures that could potentially lead to big travel.

When we think it should get better aka warmer again. Here it comes.


3 of those mini candy bars and some crackers with pepper jelly slipped by the camera and went uncaptured.

If I could I would eat oat bran more often, but after all its still part of a grain which zap my energy.

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