Meal planning session

I am in the process to do my meal planning for the next 4 weeks thanks to the tips from one of our awesome coaches, Brandice. Its a little work but will help me with varying my meals, so no more 5 of the same meals in a row. And I really dont like to freeze them either. I think its time to go to the next level. I sometimes buy produce on the fly and then they sit in the veggie drawer until I feel sorry for them. My pantry is well-stocked but not used a lot. Most of the recipes are coming from the Racing Weight Cookbook, which look and taste super yummy and are easy to make.

I am tuning into my hunger again. Well breakfast was more then one meal. Lunch was around 2pm and around 5pm I had a Starbucks skinny latte and some cookies.

20140104-204529.jpg 20140104-204520.jpg 20140104-204456.jpg 20140104-204513.jpg
P1: My meal planning session
P2: My silly little niece, going to be Pippi Longstocking for the German Mardi gras. What a ham!
P3: Eggs, greens and sweet potato, and a serving of oat bran with cherries
P4: Rice noodles, turkey meatballs in a spicy wasabi tomato sauce with some cheese

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