Meal plan execution

I did the shopping for my meals and some cooking. I think I will like it. I spent at least $20 less then I would usually have and wont overbuy foods any longer. Now I wont eat 5 of the same meal in a row, like I did in the past. There is more variety + fun and with that it should balance the nutrients better as I eat different foods. It is a little effort. I may have to check into an online menu planner to make the process quicker.

 meal plan

20140105-194758.jpg 20140105-194809.jpg

It was a weak week for real exercising. But at least I was active. Now its back to the gym and bed time is 9pm. My sleep had been suffering as I just needed to get too many things done in the evening and there it was 11pm.

.20140105-194654.jpg 20140105-194705.jpg 20140105-194750.jpg 20140105-194714.jpg

M1: Chocolate chip pancakes
M2: Rice noodles with meatballs  and sauteed fennel
M3: Coconut-Banana Protein Bar (taste testing)
M4: Chocolate protein ice cream with pomegranate seeds

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