My first experiences with optimized couponing

Ok, things are under control again, so I hope. And I am looking forward to my workout tomorrow morning. I got away with a black eye, the furnace was repairable, so I did not needed to shell out $2500 for a new one. Huraaayyy!

After the Furnace guy was done I still went to work around 3:30pm. Well, I cant afford wasting a vacation day, since I only have 3 weeks and all my days are already planned with travels to Florida, Germany and Mexico for this year. I will need some travel hacks to get some cheaper flights.

Those expenses over the last couple of weeks made me realize that I need to step up paying off my debts as fast as possible and have at least a nice 5k to 10k savings cushion. Since I owned the home, I have put so much money into it. And everyone who owns a house knows you are never ever done with having it all fixed, not even in a newly build home. So my mission for this year if possible to only buy things for 50+% off, except for food. Organic is just more expensive, but I can make sure I dont waste and eat less. I realize that there may be occasions to have to pay full price like my car battery, but those under pressure purchases should be only a few.

A couple of weeks ago I watched some Extreme Couponing shows and was fascinated and appalled at the same time. Appalled  my the amount of crap they accumulated just because it was free. But fascinated by astounding  savings. Today I scored again. I am starting to love deals at Walgreens and what I dont use I will donate to charities as giving to the needy is important to me. I got two units of laundry detergent and 2 rolls of gift wrap paper for $2.95.  The gift wrap was on clearance for 75% off, I picked some colors that I can use year around.

20140107-202538.jpg 20140107-202547.jpg

The Paleo group seems to have some fun activities planned, which one  will be really cool. Getting together to prepare, bake, and taste test several different paleo pizzas, like Bacon, cauliflower, almond flour & flax seed, eggplant, carrot, and meat base pizzas. I like the sound of that.

No exercise again today as time was spend waiting and staying around for the heating contractor. Foodwise was ok. I loved the salmon cakes from the Racing Weight Cookbook. The bean salad is good too. I just used the wrong kinda beans, too mushy. I think black beans or chickpeas may enhance the texture even more. For dinner I had to find something at work. I still had some beef stew in the freezer, but it wasn’t enough. So I had some oat bran, but I would have liked my protein ice cream better.

20140107-202455.jpg 20140107-202511.jpg 20140107-202521.jpg 20140107-202531.jpg

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