Remember being hungry burns fat

I love the quote from my coach tonight as we were strategising about to really tuning into the hunger mastery: “Remember being hungry burns fat!”. I love that. And since I am not quite hungry for lunch the oatmeal bar will be cut in 1/2.

I feel like Lumosity is already helping with doing some quick math in my head and alertness. Too cool!

I made another great recipe from Georgies cookbook and cant wait to try tomorrow. Beefy stuffed peppers and I prepared the butternut squash for the Oreo-Chocolate-Peanut Butter Pie, but I am still waiting on the Onxy black chocolate to make it oreo style.

20140108-205937.jpg 20140108-205953.jpg 20140108-205834.jpg

Today’s meals:

20140108-205809.jpg 20140108-205819.jpg 20140108-205918.jpg

Those salmon cakes for lunch were just fantastic.

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