Less is more with a Meal Planner App

I love the meal planning as it allows me to really buy and consume less. I stopped buying my coffee already ground. The taste improves many folds when grinding just before use.

In the past I would just wing the meal planning ending up buying too much or forgetting something. Now less is more! The meal planner I really like is called MealBoard and it lets you enter the recipes online and everything else has to be done from either my iPhone or iPad. Its $2.99 for multiple devices and I think it will pay for itself with only one shopping trip. No more written lists, I have it on my devices and can check off the items as I go.

20140111-200303.jpg 20140111-200308.jpg 20140111-200315.jpg

Found some cool mason jar meals on Pinterest and will do some experimenting next week. Big Red Kitchen has some nice ideas.

jar meals

Tomorrow I will try Online Church. Lets see how that goes.

I tried the Oreo cake, pretty good. Except I tested it after my shake, now I am really full. I am craving real fresh green food. Tomorrow I want more of that.

20140111-200148.jpg 20140111-200156.jpg 20140111-200211.jpg 20140111-200219.jpg
M1: No oat Oatmeal
M2: Salad with 1/2 green beefy stuffed pepper
M3: Protein Ice Cream
M4: Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (and you cannot taste the butternut squash!)

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