Whats up with that cake

Oh that Oreo cake (just looks that way, no real oreos in there, is dangerous, a little too tasty. I had too many pieces today. So back to the ProteinPow treats which seem to have less of an over-eating effect, due to the no sugar and higher protein content. Confession I ate 1/2 the cake. Agrrrrrrr. Oh well, its live and learn. I need to wean of treats anyways in order to lose some pounds. On the 20th  is Golds Challenge kickoff.

I love the savings when grocery shopping at the health food store now. I can buy grass fed bison and other more expensive foods and still come in under. Today’s food prep, full of yummyness and it was quick. That Tzatziki its so good it totally reminds me of the Greek stuff back in Germany.

Made greens, sweet potato and eggs for breakfast and Chicken Souvlaki and Tzatziki Sauce for lunches.

20140112-200509.jpg 20140112-200515.jpg 20140112-200522.jpg 20140112-200528.jpg

Today’s meals:

20140112-200440.jpg 20140112-200501.jpg 20140112-200450.jpg

20140112-201112.jpg 20140112-201112.jpg

I did like the Online Church, its good in a pinch when I have not enough time to get to my usual church. I really liked the message/sermon too.

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