The treats

Even so I love Georgie’s cooking, I will need to be more careful with the sweet treats. Her Racing Weight Cookbook totally rocks! Over the last year I have used the Protein Pow treats and had very few run-ins with overeating of those protein bars and cakes. so back to square one on those treats.

We had this debate earlier in the hive about sugar vs artificial sweetener, which is better? I now have to come to the conclusion, neither! I dont want to eat too much of the fake stuff except what is already in the protein powders. Real and wholesome foods should always be my preference. Treats should be that, defined as an item that is out of the ordinary. And I could see in my daily food pics that all the mushy sweet stuff was slowly taking over. Pancakes are ok on the weekends, but should not go on into the week. Since I only eat 3 meals a day, it would only leave one meal for veggies/salad.

Weird thing even so I am up 3 pounds, currently at #214, my clothing are fitting looser. Go figure, but I am sure it wouldn’t continue that way much longer.

M1: No “oat” oatmeal
M2: Another treat – yogurt parfait
M3: Chicken and Tzatziki, tomato – OMG I did not share and licked the plate.
M4: Protein Ice Cream

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