Got hit by the flu

The flu knocked me off my feet yesterday. I now have finally little spurts of energy here and there. It came on so fast yesterday morning. Even so I wasn’t hungry I ate the meals I had prepared, not a good thing when your body needs to rest. Today was much better and I ate less and waited for the hunger cues, but I really wanted my protein ice cream.

M1: Green Juice
M2: 1/2 serving of bison burger on a sweet potato bun, green beans, sunflower sprouts, carrot and 1/2 pear
M3: Protein Ice Cream

Georgie posted this video and I thought it was worth a share here. Its about the effects of sugar. I am definitely sensitive to sugar, and after the cake incident a good reminder that sugar and me can’t be friends. Fortunately there are still other great way to make treats. Never take anything away without replacing it with something, so called positive reinforcement! Haha that its what I just learned from the cat whisperer (a show called “My cat from Hell”) while trying to get over that flu for the last two days.

2 thoughts on “Got hit by the flu

  1. Hi Simone,
    just be careful…H1N1 is around and both my husband and I got hit be it mid-December…I am still not completely recovered,I am on a steroid inhaler more then a month after..:-(…one characteristic is how fast it comes on..just letting you know,in case it is this nasty strain,because you just need to take it easy and don’t overexert yourself…it is a really,really bad flu…hope it is just the regular flu and hope you are going to feel better soon.I really enjoy getting your daily logs.
    Have a great weekend.:-)

    1. Oh Maia, I am so sorry to hear I hope you and your hubby are getting better. I think its just the regular flu for me, I have already some better moments. You have a great weekend too.

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