Golds Challenge is starting on Monday

I love my meal planning and getting quicker at it, it now only takes me 20 minutes in the store to shop for the things I need and I dont buy stuff for the pantry any longer.

Look what’s coming (this is my first Gold’s t-shirt):


Today was picture and measurement day for the Gold’s Challenge. My goal is to get under 200 pounds in those next 3 months. Secret weapon, plenty of sleep, 3 meals only and eating only when hungry. Well, I know its not so secret but it really works when done right. Lets rock it!

I dragged myself to the gym to get the pics and measurements taken around noon. And I have to say I really, really love this gym. Everyone is just so awesome there and as always to supportive.

This morning I did some grocery shopping and minimal cleaning, but after only 4 hours of sleep I desperately need more. The cough was so bad that I now have to surrender to some more heavy duty otc drugs at Walgreens to get this flu under control. I want my life back! It sucks. On the upside I lost 3 pounds and are down to 211 again. Dang it and that before the challenge even started.

This week I trying out the Roll Up Omelet and the Asian Chicken Salad in a jar.


Today’s weird meals as I wasn’t too hungry.

20140118-174103.jpg 20140118-174044.jpg 20140118-174111.jpg

M1: Banana
M2: Green SaladM3: Oat bran with chocolate protein powder, sweet cherries and sprinkles of almonds
Misc: and plenty of peppermint tea and hot lemon water with honey

I wasn’t up for a cold protein ice cream that could aggravate and cause me to cough til it hurts again. No matter what, I am taking some NyQuil tonight. I dont like to take drugs of that kind but I am at my wits end. I need to get some sleep in order to recover!

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