A new remedy – The Hot Toddy

I got 7.5 hours of sleep, but they weren’t the greatest. I was hoping that the meds give me another good nights sleep, like the night before but they didn’t. It was very disappointing. So tonight I am trying a Hot Toddy (lemon, honey, hot water, brandy/whiskey) after several people, incl some trainers at the gym now told me about it. By all means I dont believe in booze, and I had to get out and buy some brandy. I really need 8 hours of solid sleep to recover.

I went to work but left earlier since I just wasn’t completely with it. Its harder at work to not just eat when its kinda time. Lunch was delish, I had the crock pot tenderloin. For dinner I did not wanted anything cold, so I made some oat bran again with chocolate casein. But I have to admit the oat bran is not a feel good food for me. Sadly it will need to go. Me and those grains. When do I learn?  The “no oat” oatmeal would probably a better choice.

20140120-185715.jpg 20140120-185724.jpg 20140120-185734.jpg 20140120-185743.jpg

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