60 pounds down

I am feeling so much better already with some great energy during the day, but unfortunately not quite enough  for a good workout yet. So my strategy is to just walk to the gym and take a shower there and then walk to the office, which gives me around 10,000 steps for the day. Hoping by Friday to be back to a light workout with my trainer.

Yesterday I forgot my phone at work, so I decided not to get it and instead do a little media fast. Felt great and I had an early bed time!

I am now finally down 60 pounds, and it could be easily more as I am still in TTOTM. So awesome I am getting closer to the 200 pound mark. And I need smaller pants again (size L) which is certainly reason to celebrate. I had at least 3 co-wokers comment on how skinny I am getting just recently again.

Oh we just got the pictures that they took for the Golds gym challenge, uhhhh they aren’t pretty.  But the after will be better for sure.

Tonight I had my coaching call and it always amazes me how Georgie always finds the best next habit. I will be adjusting/fine tuning my fat per meal so I can regulate hunger a little better. I did not have quite enough veggies for lunch and got hungry already around 3pm. So I had 1/2 an apple

20140122-201537.jpg 20140122-201551.jpg 20140122-201607.jpg

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