Being hungry after sickness

Today my body decided to be a lot hungrier and I sure gave in a couple of times. I wasn’t prepared and did not bring any wholesome snacks along. I bought some almond butter and will take an apple along for tomorrow. I should have known better that the body will soon enough crave more food to make up for that last week. But the brain fog is lifting and my energy is back.

The meal planning is quite fast now and adjusting the shopping list is a snap. Next I will be trying some crustless quiche, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheeses and apples, and some protein wraps. The best thing is there are only 3 ingredients to the wrap, 5 fresh egg whites, 2 tablespoons psyllium husks, and 1/8 cup of milk.


Great sleep pattern of at least 7.5 hours and almost 10, 000 steps/day for the last 3 days:

20140123-203700.jpg 20140123-203720.jpg 20140123-203712.jpg

Today’s foods: Well there was some cheesecake, and some mini chocolates (no pic). I stayed away from all grains and milk products during the last 6 days, but today I just got weak.

20140123-191836.jpg 20140123-191845.jpg 20140123-191851.jpg 20140123-191901.jpg

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