Yes let me add to Nancy’s disclaimer to everyone who currently participates in the LE program. Please follow the LE program and give it your best shot! Each of us is different and has different likes and dislikes and what works for me may not work for you or vice versa. Take the time to experiment and get to know your body. Embrace the process and the tools you are given and realize your work will never be done, though it will get easier. You may want to race to that finish line and drop all that weight as fast as possible, but then what? You still need to learn to keep it off and maintain the weight-loss. How many of us tried all kinds of diets to come to the realization they just dont work and do more harm then good.

Today I had my trainer workout, pretty pathetic if you ask me. We did higher weights and lower reps. It was a workout on the lower end of the spectrum, but at last my first workout in over a week.

I asked my trainer to create me a 12 week workout program based on 5 days/week training to kick some butt during the gym challenge. I would like to have Saturdays to do some fun stuff like swimming/trampolining/hiking/biking/inline skating when weather permits.

Today’s foods:

20140124-203424.jpg 20140124-203434.jpg 20140124-203441.jpg 20140124-203450.jpg

I only had 1/2 of the breakfast (9am) pictured and cut my lunch (1pm) in 1/2 before starting so I did not have to waste anything as I just wasn’t as hungry. Around 4pm I got hungry for an apple and had my dinner protein dessert at 7pm.

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