Got another first – time between lunch and dinner 7.5 hours. I love the burn, knowing its melting some fat. Well I had a board meeting tonight and did not have time to eat in-between. And guess what? I survived. I could have almost skipped dinner. But tomorrow morning is T25 cardio.

I am part of the Golds Gym Challenge FB group and are already getting annoyed. One gal posted: “Okay, 2 weeks down and 10 to go. I probably spent over 15 hard working hours in the gym last week and have barely lost any weight…” What???? That’s 2.5 hours per day considering a rest day. Who has that much time? I was so tempted to say – 20% exercise and 80% what you put in your mouth. But never mind.

I have been working out in the general weight area, or as I previous referred to as the boys area. Well I moved back to the girls room for now as I have all the equipment I need w/o some doofus hog multiple pieces of equipment/weights at the same time. In general the morning crowd is great. Just got to wait 6 weeks til those doofs drop out again.

Today’s foods:

B: Kale quiche with bacon and salad greens ( I like the texture the kale adds)
L: Asian Salad with chicken breast
D: Protein Dessert

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