My new juicer

I got a new juicer and love it already.  I juiced up  whole bunch of fruits and veggies that have been sitting in my fridge for a while. Well I really did not wanted to buy anything new, but it was on my amazon wishlist for over 2 years now and qvc had a deal and offered 6 monthly payments which made it workable. For the last 3 years I used the Breville Juice Fountain Elite, which is a good juicer. But the blade is starting to get dull and its not really as efficient and doesn’t juice greens as well as the new one,  and due to the low speed the juice gets less oxidized with the new Omega. I am playing with the idea to make Sunday’s my juice fasting day and reintroduce Thursdays as my normal IF (intermittent fasting) day. I am often reminded how awesome it just is to have lost 60 pounds in just one year.

20140128-191628.jpg 20140128-191636.jpg 20140128-191705.jpg

I was planning to do my T25 Cardio but my iPad was out of power so I changed to kettlebells and rowing. Just look how empty most areas in the gym were today. Loved it! It must have been too cold for some folks or they already dropped out.  Tomorrow is my 30 minute trainer session.


Not sure why I went for some “conventional” food today for a co-workers anniversary lunch. It always drains my energy. Oh well, clean slate.

20140128-191538.jpg 20140128-191527.jpg 20140128-191553.jpg 20140128-191648.jpg


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