Paleo treats

Here is what I put into my shake:

1 banana
1 cup of frozen fruit
1 piece of frozen sweet potato
1 tbsp pnb or 2 tbsp of pb2 powder or any kind of nuts
1 cup of coconut milk/water
1 serving of protein powder
1/4 tsp guar gum
1/4 tsp xanthan gum
5 to 10 ice cubes
Probiotic/Barleans Orange Swirl fish oil

20140129-195242.jpg 20140129-195300.jpg 20140129-195312.jpg 20140129-195322.jpg

Pic3 is just with ice cubes, and pic4 has in addition the guar gum and xanthan gum added which changes the texture of the shake.

Another good one from coach Mark


I tried those Paleo muffins and can see clearly why folks get fat on Paleo! The treats made with nuts and other fats sure taste yummy and can add up quickly. So NO, I wont be getting those Paleo cookbooks.

20140129-195130.jpg 20140126-184001.jpg 20140126-183956.jpg

Today’s foods.

20140129-195144.jpg 20140129-195156.jpg 20140129-195212.jpg 20140129-195228.jpg

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