Getting back on track

Ok, those Paleo muffins spell trouble, for sure a trigger food. All gone now. I was to cheap to toss them, so I ate them. Duh, not the smartest thing to do. So back to clean foods. Made some quick meals tonight, asparagus with eggs ( breakfast) and zucchini pasta with edamame, onion and tomatoes (lunches).

20140130-210726.jpg 20140130-210732.jpg 20140130-210739.jpg

On Thursdays I have to be at work at 8:30am since we have a team meeting.  I did not get enough sleep, missed my workout and ate a bunch of those muffins. Dang I feel like crap.

I am going to work some 6am exercise classes back into my schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9am. That means I will have to move my bed time to 9pm to still get enough sleep.

Mo: 6am 30 min Spinning + Weights
Tu: 6am 60 min Trampoline (class)
We: 7am 30 min Trainer weight training
Th: 6am 60 min Intervals (class)
Fri: 7am Weights
Sat: 9am 60 min BodyAttack (class)
Sun: off

Today’s meals:

20140130-210656.jpg 20140130-210703.jpg 20140130-210712.jpg 20140130-210719.jpg

Well I had 6 of those muffins and some mini chocolates (no pic) from my co-workers sweet drawer again.

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