Life hacks, food hacks, technology hacks

I love hacks. Life hacks, food hacks, technology hacks. I did that yesterday with my jewelry, except I only needed one tray. The cool part I even quickly cleaned all my tarnished silver. Find more ideas here



Our Paleo meetup is getting more active. Its kinda cool. Right now we are gathering data about the local farmers and their product offerings. I would love to check out some farms and support farmers in my area even more.

Whats in your fridge? I now love an un-crowded fridge with just the foods I need for the next week.

Feb 2014

20140201-200723.jpg 20140201-200730.jpg

Jan 2013

20130112-121320.jpg 20130112-121228.jpg 20130112-121252.jpg

Asparagus omelet for breakfast, those ProteinPow wraps with smoked salmon for lunch, an apple with pnb as snack and a protein shake with spirulina for dinner, only 1/2 tsp. It got a bluish-greenish tint but the taste was still great.

20140201-200641.jpg 20140201-200650.jpg 20140201-200704.jpg 20140201-200712.jpg

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