The meal planning is awesome. Took me less then an hour to prep the next 3 days of breakfasts and dinners. I added some ham to the omelet roll (breakfasts) and will eat them on a bed of greens. The Asian chicken with peanut sauce (lunches) will be very tasty too. I put the sauce and the chicken in the bottom of the container and added the veggies on top. The Sriracha sauce gives it a nice little kick.

20140202-193959.jpg 20140202-194006.jpg

20140202-194029.jpg 20140202-194037.jpg

So my strategy for this week:

#1 Sleep: Getting at least 7 hours of sleep, lights off at 9pm and ipad and phone removed from the bedroom. Back to developing my ritual for some great sleep.
#2 Food: tweaking the amount of food I am eating for a meal and no snacking, just leaving something on the plate and waiting until hungry for the next meal
#3 Exercise: Still recovering from the shoulder problem, fortunately its already a whole lot better. 6 workouts this week. Over the last couple of months Saturdays fell by the wayside due to weather or being busy, but I need to reclaim an hour to do some fun exercises.

Today started out as a juice fast, but only lasted until 2pm. Was too tired and somewhat restless to fight the food urge.  I even made a chocolate protein mini cake.

20140202-193927.jpg 20140202-193935.jpg 20140202-193941.jpg

20140202-193947.jpg 20140202-194044.jpg

Chocolate Protein Cake

15 grams protein powder
1 tbsp 100% cocoa powder
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp pure pumpkin or applesauce
3 tbsp egg whites or one egg
dash of cinnamon
drop or two vanilla

Stir it all together in a microwaveable mug or small bowl and microwave it for 60-70 seconds, then I garnished it with some Greek yogurt and sprinkles of coconut and chocolate chips.

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