Fasting is such a mental game. This morning I thought I cant do it, being on-call is way too stressful. Ha, excuses! Super tasty juices, great energy level all day despite only 5 hours of sleep. I had to work this morning until 2am and was back in the systems at 7 am to check the “health” of our ERP systems. In addition I am getting a lot of chores done. The sun is out for a change. For sure I need to get out for a little while.

As I was reorganizing a bunch of things, I started to listen to a CD one of my neighbors gave me about 6 weeks ago. He is Irish and does solo projects but also has a band he plays with and just produced his own CD. Man that guys makes pretty great music and has a great voice. I love Ireland, and went on bike vacations (’94, ’95, ’96, and ’97) over there, where I rented a bike for 2 weeks and then just rode and stayed overnight in a B&B. Sometimes as much as 100 km in a day. Due to the hills not a small feat and would mean a 12 to 14 hour day on the road. But I preferred 40 to 60 km as it allowed me to explore more, go into town or have an afternoon tea with the B&B host. That was so awesome. Ireland is breathtaking and the people are incredibly nice. Pictures can hardy do the stunning nature justice. I also felt closer to God there. I think I want to go there again.

94-001 96-001 (19) 96-001 (21)

Image2-2  Image1-1 Image2-1

Img28_004 96-001 (27)  Ireland95 04aa14

Ireland95 04aa9 Ireland1994 13 Ireland94 27a

94_000 (20) Img29_005 september 1996   no 37

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