Cool Whip

Ha that dinner is something to write about and for sure is the total opposite from what I would now eat. But years back I loved cool whip (some kind of nasty stuff made with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup), angel food cake (a low fat food), and then strawberries (you know the good ones with all the pesticides on them and no taste whatsoever). Well we all do silly things. I now regret that I did not have my shake and dont quite feel so well. My energy level tanked already. But I am pretty sure I will survive. Its then when I realize how far I have come and what it would look like to go back to an old lifestyle that does not suit me any longer.

I woke up one minute before the alarm went off. But since I had to check into a problem with the village website last night I did not get to sleep until after 10pm and only slept for 6:35. But I loved those two classes this morning, 30 minutes of HIIT training on a mini trampoline and another 30 minutes of Les Mills core work. I totally love Les Mills workouts. My absolute fave is BodyAttack.

Todays foods:

20140204-190924.jpg 20140204-190936.jpg 20140204-190944.jpg 20140204-190950.jpg

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