Rutabagas, yummy!

I realized just how much  the grains and sugar wore me down. Like a brain fog that just didn’t wanted to go away. It would lift when I did juice fasting, but within days of “normal” eating it would slowly get worse again. It never occurred to me what the true reason could be. Hey I loved bread, I grew up on it and for sure did not wanted to give it up. In Germany you had bread for breakfast and dinner, leaving the lunch to be the warm meal of the day.

Today during IF I felt fantastic. It did reminded me of when I would fast for 14+ days. I loved the feeling after day 3, when the hunger subsided and the body gets fuel from the stored meals on my hips. Unfortunatly coming out of such a long fast was never easy and good, indulging on things I didnt eat during the fast, then the stomach and digestive system just were never prepared for food after 14+ days. I think IF is just the better alternative w/o messing anything up.

After 3 great exercise days and only 6:30 hours of sleep on avergage for the last 2 days I decided I needed to catch up on sleep for a change and skip my workout today. While exercise is important, sleep rules!

20140206-201532.jpg 20140206-201524.jpg

Tonight I did some food prep again. Cant wait for tomorrow. Those are yummy meals. I also made a sweet potato soup for my little 80-year old neighbor who had dental surgery yesterday. Only meal of today was my dinner protein shake and I did nibble a little on the foods I prepped. Oh those rutabagas are yummy.

20140206-201500.jpg 20140206-201507.jpg 20140206-201519.jpg 20140206-201441.jpg

I need to work tonight again on one of our systems, so my bed time will be after 10pm.

2 thoughts on “Rutabagas, yummy!

  1. Things are looking great in here! And I love how you’re listening and learning to what works best for YOU to feel clear-headed, energetic and full of awesome. 🙂 And yeah, rutabagas rule!

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