As I am waiting for a bunch of folks to test a website that I just turned live, I will quickly put together my daily post.


Dang my Jawbone wristband is breaking down again. Right now its failing on the sleep feature which is the most important to me. I really dont care about the activity part, as I usually get at least my 10,000 steps. That really sucks. The first one made it 5 months and the second one (replacement) only 4 months. The bad part is there is no equivalent. The fitbit one, withings, and bodymedia all cant be worn all the time. I would be at risk on forgetting or losing it. Also I dont like some of their interfaces.

I forgot the spinach for my breakfast this morning and was a little bummed about it. But my favorite meal was hands down the salmon and the daikon salad.

20140210-195048.jpg 20140210-195059.jpg 20140210-195106.jpg

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