The tax guy

I had a great trainer workout this morning. My trainer wrote me a nice short little routine that totally kicks butt. One of the exercises is a roll-up (crunch) into a stand. That is frigging  hard! Well I need to practice that. There was no way to get into the stand today. But I got some nice crunches down.

I will be going for a big blood panel test that I usually order on either this Saturday and next week. I want to create a baseline before I go further into Paleo to see the influence.

Today I scheduled my tax appointment and found out that my tax guy had passed. He had been very sick for the last 5 years and from year to year it got worse. I was always afraid that he would die. He was 65 and a chain smoker and did not take great care of his body. He had stopped smoking that year I went to him for the first time. The whole office still smelled of cigarettes that first year. He was such a funny guy, we always had a blast preparing my taxes. But I think it was finally a relieve for him as he had a couple of auto-immune diseases, his organs were shutting down slowly. He had to go to the hospital daily for hours. And often sitting in his office with an IV bag plugged in and dripping into his veins doing taxes. He was pretty crazy. I will miss him.

I had contacted Jawbone to check if they have a discount for a repeat customer. And they are actually going  to replace my band another time, which is awesome. My hope is that in the meantime they can make those wristbands a little more durable. They had acquired Bodymedia a while back and hopefully they can fuse those two technologies together and make it more robust. Otherwise I totally love this product.

Todays foods:

20140212-202142.jpg 20140212-202150.jpg 20140212-202157.jpg

Tomorrow will be a fasting day.

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