A gal on the Golds Gym challenge FB page writes:

down 1 lb in a week..so i got a little discouraged, but when my trainer and i took my BMI turns out im down 10% body fat, and gained 13 lbs of muscle in three weeks… THIRTEEN WHOLE POUNDS OF MUSCLE, that means i lost 14 whole pounds of fat, so i wont be discouraged by that one baby pound, and i hope that those of you out there aren’t discouraged by what the scale says. If you work your butt off and dont see much results in that number, just remember as you work out you’re gaining muscle!!!

Gosh, we are doing it all wrong. It took me a whole year to just lose 13% body fat. Honestly, I was finally so annoyed by this baloney that I removed myself from the GGC FB group. I just cant stand the amount of stupidity on there. It seems to multiply. And believe me it wasn’t just a single case.

Average loss of body-fat is about 1% per month depending on how much somebody has to loose and it may go a little faster in the beginning. And gain of muscle mass possible in women is only 1/2 to 1 pound per month average. So a clear case of wrong measurements.

Ok I think I might be growing out of my dinner shake and graduating to some real food, maybe temporary, maybe for good. The last couple of days I did not enjoy the shakes. I may still have a small protein ice cream on the side, but will switch to some proteins, preferred grilled and veggies. Well it may take a couple more weeks to use my outdoor grill, there is another cold spell coming. I even got my grocery shopping done tonight. Went to Trader Joes for a change and got lots of great stuff.


Went for a nice swim today as my workout, but I got into some candy at work (no pics) in addition to my 3 meals.

20140214-211355.jpg 20140214-211407.jpg 20140214-211413.jpg

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