Cant wait for the ice to melt

I had a 2 hour massage this morning, it was just heavenly and cheap. My trainer had raved about her and I just had to go and check it out. It was so worth it!

Milwaukee is really a pretty awesome city. There is always something going on. I had joined a couple of meetups last year to just add some fun to my life again. Work sure isn’t everything. While the 40+ Meetup is my favorite, they just do a ton of fun activities, I have also been enjoying some outdoor activities with the Hikers&Backpackers. And now it seems the Photographers Meetup is getting active too. I love to take food pictures but sometime they just dont come out right. To learn a little more I signed up for a strobe light class, were we will be experimenting in a studio. I dug out all my equipment to get ready.


I think I want to learn to paddle board this summer. Last year I waited all summer to go kite-boarding and it never happened. And since it is so wind dependent (direction will decide what beach within a 30 mile radius) its a lot harder to make the time and location work. In addition I will be going inline skating, maybe even check out the beach volleyball down at the lakefront Saturday mornings and certainly I will bike to work again. The biking will start as soon as the trail is ice free since I have winter gear.

20140215-183845.jpg 20140215-183854.jpg 20140215-183900.jpg 20140215-183915.jpg

I ate way too much food today, and I only finished 1/2 of my dinner. There was some mindless eating involved.


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