A walk at the Pettit Ice Center

Today was the first day that I logged my foods on paleotrack mainly for the macro nutrients, the omega and potassium ratios. Its quite fascinating and a true eye opener realizing doing Paleo isn’t quite that easy. And no you cannot eat nuts all day. I would use 1/2 cup of milk in my coffee (twice a day). How bad can that be? Well, it all adds up.

This week I am cleaning up the freezer of leftover lunch meals to reclaim some glass containers and make space in the freezer. I made a real quick breakfast frittata tonight (Tue – Sat) just beating up 8 eggs, adding spinach and bacon and pouring it into a cast iron pan. Then adding some feta cheese and spices. Started on the stove-top for a couple of minutes on low and then finished under the broiler for 5 minutes. For my breakfast (today, tomorrow) I had soaked the nuts overnight and was amazed on all the crud that was in the water in the morning. I had noticed that especially with walnuts if not soaked I had a slight allergic reaction.

20140216-185525.jpg 20140216-185427.jpg

Today our 40+ meetup had an event to get walking/running at the Pettit Ice Center. It was a nice change and it was fun to watch the kids and adults that were skating in the middle circle. The center was for ice hockey and figure skating where you could see lots of little girls doing jumps and pirouettes. I did not really keep track, but I walked at least 2 miles today in a speedy pace. Cant wait to start inline skating again.

20140216-185450.jpg 20140216-185457.jpg 20140216-185504.jpg

The meals were on track, but some fine tuning is needed to optimize the macro nutrients. I now love the fact that I dont need snacks any longer. And I did not even miss my shake as sweet treat tonight.

20140216-185359.jpg 20140216-185410.jpg 20140216-185420.jpg

B: Primal Hot Cereal with raspberriesL: Asian Chicken
D: Salad with chicken and pecans

All electronics off at 8pm tonight and a great Epsom salt bath to relax.

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