Can somebody please stop shaking that snow globe. I had enough!

I am so frigging tired of that snow now. But then I just had a great 2 hour workout without injuring my back. In addition one of my tenants got stuck in the alley and that took a while to get her out of her twisted position (really bad tires and lots of snow). My back isn’t hurting but just in case I have applied a patch to get rid of any possible inflammation before it starts bothering me. My massage therapist recommended those and I am putting them up for a test spin.


Food wise wasn’t as good as I wanted it as TTOTM started today and I just wasn’t prepared with some extra food/snack. So I had some “as good as it gets food” from the vending machine and some chocolate covered coffee beans and a larabar (no pic). Oh well. Nobody said it will be easy.

20140217-215134.jpg 20140217-215141.jpg 20140217-215148.jpg

20140217-215154.jpg 20140217-215200.jpg

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